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MCBBB is a personal website opened by Jeric Hu, where to discuss digital technology information, share the beauty of my life, and I can teach you some computer skills and programming development technology, and appreciate the fun that technology brings to life.

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Xiaomi Mi 13 Ultra review

Apr 24

The iteration of Xiaomi Mi 10 Supreme was born, and this time it is a huge improvement compared to previous generations

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Java 20 is coming

Mar 14

JDK 20 will be officially released on March 2023, 3.

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Turn off automatic updates for Windows

Mar 24

We only need a small tool to solve this headache, which can effectively alleviate the problem that the frequent accumulation of update packages leads to the excessive occupation of C drive

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A simple and efficient networking method

Mar 11

Are you still using traditional VLAN technology, redundancy is complex, unstable, and there may be security problems, so that internal and external resources are overexposed.

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